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Ceramic Steampunk Submarine In The Shape Of A Victorian Divers Helmet by CherryTreePottery.

This hand-crafted pottery ceramic steampunk submarine sculpture fashioned on an antique victorian style diving helmet makes the perfect gift for a nautical, submarine, or fantasy steampunk enthusiast.

From the artist:

This glorious undersea vessel began life as a hollow clay ball formed using the inside of a recycled pudding basin. Elements were added: a periscope, air tube, door hatch, window hatches with grills, power coils and valves, each given rivet or screw head details. After a bisque firing, the process of glazing gave the body of the sub’s ball a coppery red tone with the added elements coated in bronze glaze, which has behaved beautifully under glaze firing, with a lovely metallic finish… [Read more here!]

Created by CherryTreePottery.