About Go Shopping For Steampunk Stuff.

What is Go Shopping For Steampunk Stuff?

Go Shopping For Steampunk Stuff, or goshopping.steampunkstuff.co.uk is an auxiliary website to our steampunk picture blog and gift guide steampunkstuff.uk. Just like the Mother Ship, Go Shopping… is an affiliate website promoting steampunk related products. But instead of publishing articles and reviews, the merchandise is presented here in a format that more resembles an online shop.

What is an affiliate and an affiliate website?

An affiliate is a person or organisation that sells products and services for others by arrangement or partnership. They get paid a small percentage of the sale price for their trouble.

Shared content.

All shared content originates from our affiliate partners websites, and credited where applicable.

Go Shopping and Steampunk Stuff’s affiliate partners include three well known marketplace websites covering thousands of creative vendors products. We also have permission from market place vendors to share their uploaded content via the user agreements between themselves and our partners.

Some of our other affiliate partners are:

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